FEU-EAC Partners with BPI

Starting August 1, 2010, FEU - East Asia College students can pay anywhere, anytime through BPI Express Phone (EPH) and BPI Express Online (EOL). This is in addition to our existing BPI over-the-counter (OTC) payments at any BPI branches. 

Payments will then be electronically sent to FEU-EAC's database in real time. 



  1. Log on to www.feu-eastasia.edu.ph.
  2. Click "Student Portal."
  3. Log in using your student number and password.
  4. Click "Self-Enrolment."
  5. Select your preferred sections and schedule.
  6. Payments can be done through the following options:
    1. BPI over-the-counter
    2. BPI Express Online
    3. BPI Express Phone 
      If not yet enrolled for items b and c, please click this link.
  7. Claim your COR at the Registrar's Office. 

    Here's how to pay through BPI:

    1. BPI over-the-counter (OTC)
      This service allows students to pay their tuition and other fees over-the-counter in any of over 500 branches of BPI nationwide. Just proceed to the teller's counter and pay your tuition and other fees.
      1. Fill out a deposit slip (available at any BPI Branch nationwide) with the following information:
        1. Account Number - 001581-0012-46
        2. Account Name - FEU - East Asia College
        3. Reference No. - indicate YOUR student number
        4. Policy/Planholder's Name - indicate YOUR name
        5. Amount
      2. Only CASH payment will be accepted by BPI branches.

    2. BPI Express Online (EOL)
      Wherever you are, you can quickly pay your tuition and other fees through BPI Express Online. Here's how to pay online:
      1. Log on to: www.bpiexpressonline.com then click on "Personal login".
      2. From the "Payments and Reloading" taskbar, choose: "Bills Payment" > "Pay Bills Today"
      3. Input the following information:
        1. Choose FEU-EAC
        2. Key-in the amount you want to pay.
        3. Select the source account where your payment will be debited.
        4. Confirm your payment by pressing "Submit".
      4. A confirmation page will appear after a successful payment of tuition and other fees. This will serve as a reference of your transaction.

    3. BPI Express Phone (EPH)
      This service allows the students to pay their tuition and other fees using landline phone. Here's how to do it:
      1. Access Express Teller Menu (option 1)
      2. Enter your 11-digit access number, this refers to you 10-digit card number + your joint account indicator
      3. Enter your 4-digit Telephone Identification Number (TIN)
      4. Press 3 for Bills Payment then 1 to pay bills.
      5. Request for operator's assistance to look for FEU - East Asia College or East Asia Educational Foundation, Inc.
      6. Key-in the amount you want to pay. (last two digits correspond to centavos)

Note: Minimum down payment should be met to avoid SAF expiration.